Quad Input/Output De-interlacer/Scaler for 4K LSI

The IP00C734A has 4 independent image processing channels with 4 input ports and 4 output ports at 166 MHz each.

A single IP00C734A can drive a 4K60Hz format.

Also, the IP00C734A incorporates 4 independent de-interlacers along with scaler and image quality control such as gamma correction and uniformity correction in order to meet the requirements for higher image quality.

With its LVDS output, the IP00C734A is an ideal single-chip solution for a 4K monitor.



Input & Output Image size(Max)

External Memory

External/Internal Sync

Input/Output sync/Asynchronous Behavior



Image Manipulation

Image Quality Control


Noise Reduction

Bitmap OSD

CPU Interface

Power Supply


IP00C734A Block Diagram

IP00C734A demo movie

The following demo movies are available.

If you would like to watch them, please contact info@i-chips.co.jp

Image transition demo movie

This is a demo video that realizes the image transition function using the image blending algorithm.

Applicable products:
IP00C733A / IP00C734A / IP00C755 / IP00C821 / IP00C331 / IP00C814

IP00C734A 8 to1 Demo with IP00C755 (8-input & 1-output)