4K60Hz Supported Warping/Edge-Blending LSI

The IP00C382 is a warping and edge-blending solution with a maximum 666Mpixel/sec signal processing capability.

It supports 4K (up to 4096x2400) 60Hz input/output and additional format such as WQXGA (2560x1600) 120Hz.

It features an embedded warp table generator that implements real-time image processing for formulated distortion correction such as H and V keystone correction and pin-cushion correction without impaction an external CPU.

Edge-blending supports white peaking and results in higher performance image quality and products.



Imput & Output Image Size

External Memory

External/Internal Sync

Input/Output Sync/Asynchronous Behavior

Distortion Correction Mode

Distortion Correction Method

Distortion Correction Amount

Image Correction

Image Quality Control

Bit Map OSD

CPU Interface

Serial Flash Interface

Power Supply



IP00C382 Block Diagram Application Diagrams


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IP00C382 demo movie

The following demo movies are available.

If you would like to watch them, please contact info@i-chips.co.jp

Image stabilizer demo movie

This is a demo video that realizes the camera shake correction (image stabilizer) function using a warping device.

Applicable products:
IP00C787 / IP00C788 / IP00C789 / IP00C381 / IP00C341 / IP00C382 / IP00C814

New Warping API Demonstration

This new warping API supports HV-Keystone,Pincushion, and Center shift cascade features.

Applicable products: IP00C814 / IP00C382 / IP00C381 / IP00C788 / IP00C789