Memory Less Scaler LSI for 4K60Hz

The IP00C241 is a 4K60Hz scaler LSI supporting frame-memory-less scaling up/down, high-speed serial interfaces for V-by-One®HS/LVDS Tx, and V-by-One®HS/LVDS Rx, and serial flash interfaces for configuring OSD display.

Scaling up/down with 333MHz processing is available.

Additionally, it is possible to configure the OSD screen by transferring from a serial flash.

The high image processing quality is achievable with 4K60Hz images by using this device.

It complies with both PQ and HLG standards for the "HDR" standard and can be used to develop cutting-edge high-quality products.

Input/Output(4K60Hz x3)

Input/Output Image Size

Frame lock


Image Quality Control

Image Correction




Bit map OSD

Power Supply



Block Diagram

IP00C241 Block Diagram

Application Samples

[8K to 4K]
Application Samples


[4K to 8K]
Application Samples


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