4K60Hz Quad Input 4K Multiple Input/Output De-Interlacer/Scaler LSI

The IP00C331 is a true 4K60Hz up/down scaler with minimalinterface requirements.

It features 4 input ports up to 4K60Hz each, and 2 output ports up to 4K60Hz each.

This allows it to take up to four 4K60Hz sources and scale each one independently to any size and position on a composite 4K60Hz output.

Its internal architecture consists of 8 up/down scaler cores plus 4 de-interlacer cores to support interlaced input on each input port.

The IP00C331 also features many other high-performance functions such as 90-degree rotation, mirror-flip, PQ and HLG HDR systems (10-bit), and 3DLUT for color management.

It makes use of the high-speed serial V-by-One®HS bus interface which is only 8 lanes in order to minimize board footprint.

The IP00C331 can be used as a single or dual 4K60Hz scaler, or as a 4K display controller chip supporting multiple inputs.

Input(4K60Hz 4-port)

Output (4K60Hz 2-port)

Input & Output

External Memory

External/Internal Sync

Input/Output Sync/Asynchronous Behavior



Noise Reduction

Bit Map OSD

Image Quality Control

Image Manipulation

CPU Interface


HDR Standard

Power Supply



IP00C331 Block Diagram Application Diagrams


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IP00C331 demo movie

The following demo movies are available.

If you would like to watch them, please contact info@i-chips.co.jp

IP00C331 8k60 input 4k60x2 output demo movie

This is a demo movie that downscales an 8k60 image to an arbitrary ratio with one IP00C331, extracts and displays two parts from the downscaled image with two 4k60 monitors.
The 8k60 input signal is generated by 4k30 → 8k60 conversion (x 2 sets) using two separate IP00C331.
The format is SQD (SQuare Division: 4k60x4).

Applicable products:

Seamless Switching demo movie

This is a demo video that seamlessly changes the input port / output layout of 4 4k image inputs using IP00C331.

Applicable products:

8k60 PinP demo movie demo movie

This is a demo video that realizes the 8k60 PinP function using 6 pieces IP00C331.

The 8k60 input signal is generated by 4k30 → 8k60 conversion (x 2 sets) using two IP00C331 separately.

Applicable products:

4k60 multi-viewer (8 inputs, 1 output) demo movie

This is a demo video of 4k60 multi-viewer (8 inputs and 1 output) function realization using 4 IP00C331.

Applicable products:

Image transition demo movie

This is a demo video that realizes the image transition function using the image blending algorithm.

Applicable products:
IP00C733A / IP00C734A / IP00C755 / IP00C821 / IP00C331 / IP00C814