Quad Input/Output Scaler for 4K LSI

The IP00C733A has 4 independent image processing channels with 4 input ports and 4 output ports at 166 MHz each.

The IP00C733A can drive a Full-HD/WUXGA format with a single output or a UHDTV/WQXGA format or 4K2K@60Hz with multiple outputs.

The IP00C733A also features i-Chips’s latest technology for picture quality control such as extended-range gamma correction and color uniformity correction, in order to meet the requirements for higher image quality.

The IP00C733A is an ideal solution for applications such as video wall, multi-viewers, converters and digital signage, thanks to its advanced and versatile overlay function that supports any combination of its 4 input channels with PiP/PoP, mirror/flip/90-degree rotation.

Dot by dot uniformity correction required for an OLED/LED display is also implemented in this device.

Image transition demo movie

This is a demo video that realizes the image transition function using the image blending algorithm.

Applicable products:
IP00C733A / IP00C734A / IP00C755 / IP00C821 / IP00C331 / IP00C814

Demo movie

Chromakey Demo




Image Quality Control

Image Manipulation


External Memory

Input/Output Sync

Bitmap OSD

Power Supply