2K Dual Input PiP De-interlacer/Scaler/Warping/Edge-blending LSI

The IP00C813A is a dual-input/dual-output de-interlacer and scaler on a single device.

It features a built-in video decoder, ARM9 CPU, LVDS output, along with Ethernet and USB interfaces.

Its inputs and outputs can be any interlaced format, SD or HD, or any progressive format, up to 1080P/WUXGA/2K1K.

The IP00C813A features 2 independent de-interlacer/scaler blocks, with full 10-bit internal processing.

The IP00C813A can be configured in several ways.

In the single-output mode, it can generate Picture-in-Picture, Picture-by-Picture output.

In the dual-output mode, it can generate separate outputs at any resolution.

First, it can correct for geometry distortion based on a user-programmable “warp table” loaded in an external CPU or Flash memory.

This geometry correction can be applied to the entire image with a resolution as small as 16x16 pixels.

It supports image rotation up to +/- 25 degrees, as well as 90-degree rotation and mirror image.

Second, the IP00C813A can correct for color distortion in the image.

This is accomplished by a powerful brightness and contrast adjustment system that is independently programmable for each 64x64 pixels region in the image.

The IP00C813A also features a state-of-the-art edge blending function to allow for the seamless tiling of multiple images.





Video Decoder

PiP & PoP Functions

Bitmap OSD

Embedded CPU


External CPU Interface

Image Quality Control

External Memory

Power Supply


IP00C813A Block Diagram

IP00C813A demo movie

The following demo movies are available.

If you would like to watch them, please contact info@i-chips.co.jp

LAN&USB Demonstration
Warping Demonstration