IP00C814 LSI for De-interlacer, Scaler and Warping with 2-Screen 4K2K Support.

We have just released the IP00C814.

The IP00C814 is an enhanced multi-functional image processing LSI with integrated 2-channel scaler and de-interlace cores as well as a 1-channnel warping engine.

It can accept 4K dual input images with 2K PiP/PoP output images and single 4K input image with 4K output image.

This device has an embedded CPU, and peripherals such as JPEG codec, HDMI Rx, high-speed ADC, video decoder, and LVDS/V-by-One Tx.

In addition, high-performance functions such as HDR, 3DLUT for color management and edge-blending required for multi-screen system with multiple projectors are also integrated.




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