IP00C331 LSI for 4K60Hz Quad Input 4K Multiple Input/Output De-Interlacer/Scaler.

We have just released the IP00C331.

This processor is a true 4K60Hz up/down scaler with minimalinterface requirements.

It features 4 input ports up to 4K60Hz each, and 2 output ports up to 4K60Hz each.

This allows it to take up to four 4K60Hz sources and scale each one independently to any size and position on a composite 4K60Hz output.

The IP00C331 also features many high-performance functions such as PQ and HLG HDR systems (10-bit), and 3DLUT for color management.

It makes use of the high-speed serial V-by-One®HS bus interface.

This device is suitable for wider range applications like various kind of processor box and displays etc.





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