IP00C789 – Dual-channel Warping/Edge blending device

IP00C789 – Dual-channel Warping/Edge blending device 2017-10-23T23:46:11+00:00


The IP00C789 is an advanced warping and edge-blending chip that supports 120Hz input & output images up to 2K (2048×1200) pixels. By using its dual-output capability, the IP00C789 can process 3D images for products such as head mount displays (HMD). Thanks to its embedded warp table generator, the IP00C789 supports frame-by-frame pin-cushion correction as well as keystone correction. The edge blending function has been greatly improved on this device by making use of a white-peaking algorithm for improved picture quality. Using only 1 pc of DDR3 memory, the IP00C789 allows for a compact design without compromising on performance. The IP00C789 is ideal for various kinds of 2K/WUXGA projectors from pico to high end models.

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Evaluation boards


The iEB789 is an evaluation board for demonstrating and testing the performance and function of the IP00C789.

Inputs: 1 High speed LVDS(155MHz x2)
Output: 1 HDMI 1.4 or 1 High speed LVDS(155MHz x2)
Power: +12V (4A max)
Size: 135mm x 125mm with 6-layer
– Controlled from a PC using a USB cable (mini-USB)
– PC-based program for register-level control
Included software and files:
– Weg2200 (register setting program)
– “Warping & Edge-blending tool Light”
(Console tool EXE file)
– Sample setting files
Included reference information:
– Schematic (PDF. OrCAD)
– PCB layout (Gerber, PADS)

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