IP00C788 – 2K Warping & Edge Blending

IP00C788 – 2K Warping & Edge Blending 2017-08-28T07:20:27+00:00


The IP00C788 is an affordable, but refined warping and edge-blending chip supporting resolutions up to 2K(2048×1200).

Its embedded warp table generator can support pin-cushion correction as well as keystone correction which results in higher speed processing for relatively simple image geometry corrections.

Edge-blending for white peaking is supported, resulting in higher picture quality products.

Thanks to the included de-interlacing function, this device can cover wider applications such as the input system from cameras etc.

It also can be used as a single input and output scaler.

Moreover the smaller package of the IP00C788 as compared to conventional devices enables the creation of a wider range of products and designs.

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