The IP00C787 is an advanced warping and edge-blending chip for input and output images up to 2K (2048×1200) in resolution. This device contains very powerful functions such as RGB independent gamma correction edge-blending, per pixel edge-blending and uniformity correc-tion that are required for higher image quality. Rotation of the image in any angle is also supported by this product. Now, due to the embedded frame memory, no external memory is required. This saves space and provides for a more flexible design. Because of the compre-hensive specifications and functions, this device can be used in any application that requires image geometry correction such as projectors, video-walls, camera systems, etc.

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Evaluation boards


The iEB787 is an evaluation board for demonstrating and testing the performance and function of the IP00C787.

  • Inputs: 1 HDMI 1.4  or  1 Single High speed LVDS(160MHz) or 1 Dual LVDS(83MHz x2)
  • Output: 1 HDMI 1.4 or  1 Single High speed LVDS(166MHz) or 1 Dual LVDS(83MHz x2)
  • Power: +12V (4A max)
  • Size: 150mm x 105mm with 4-layer
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